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Our team of commercial finance experts built the national reputation of Petra Commercial Loans. With their commitment to our firm, we can continue to provide unique business loans to corporations and operations of various sizes. Whether a startup operation or a company with two or more years under its belt, we have a loan program for you. Despite the challenges you might have faced with more traditional institutions, as a private lender with reach, we can confidently say that we can help you, even if your credit is less than optimal.

The Petra Commercial Loans Difference

To us, and our team, your concerns and need matter, which is why we offer a variety of loan programs and products, including:

Our team is made up of trained and certified financial experts, and with our resources and their skills, they have the talent to come up with creative solutions to your unique needs. However, that is not what makes our business special. We believe in teamwork and people. Our clients are not data points in a system.

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