Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable Financing for Small Businesses

Rapid growth presents both opportunities and challenges. Meeting both requires proper resources – especially capital. Petra Commercial Loans offers accounts receivable financing to help keep your enterprise moving. By tapping into your receivables, you can get the funds you need to complete orders and continue building strong customer relationships.

How Financing Your Receivables Works

You’ve likely heard of invoice factoring, but that’s just another term for financing receivables. Rather than wait up to 90 days for payment, you sell your customer invoices at a discount and get cash now. After we buy your receivables, we collect payment directly from your customers. Your cash arrives within 24 hours, plus you enjoy several great benefits:

  • Free credit insurance for qualifying accounts
  • No fixed payments needed
  • No personal guarantees necessary
  • No recourse required
  • More funding to finish large and unexpected orders

Our invoice factoring makes it easier to meet seasonal demands, handle larger orders and service new customers quickly and efficiently. You can use the funds to pay for supplies, inventory, equipment, payroll, bulk discounts and other operational expenses.

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Petra Commercial Loans offers accounts receivable financing plus a diverse portfolio of other commercial financing solutions. Our certified financial specialists are ready to answer your questions and recommend your best options. Talk to us today to apply for funds or learn more.