Purchase Order Financing

Purchase Order Financing May Be Your Firm’s Best Financing Option

Our firm Petra Commercial Loans is interested in the success of small businesses. As such, one of the finance options we offer is purchase order financing. This form of funding is especially useful for those companies that sell pre-sold goods. As such, import-export firms, online sellers, warehouses, and resellers are prime candidates for this type of financial assistance.

Purchase Order Financing Simplified

With purchase order financing, you receive speedy funding upon receiving a valid purchase order or series of orders from your client. You will have the ability to provide and send out goods to your clients from your sources even before generating an invoice. What’s more, this funding is not a loan – there are no fixed future paybacks.

 Benefits of Purchase Order Financing

Check out these benefits that are your when you obtain purchase order financing from us:

  • Fast, highly flexible funding
  • Ability to fulfill a large order
  • Perfect for unusually large numbers of batch orders
  • Expansion possibilities for your firm
  • Customers delighted with on-time deliveries
  • No debt is taken on; it’s not a loan

Our Representative Await Your Call

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