Stated Income Commercial Real Estate

An Ideal Solution for Small Business Owners: Stated Income Commercial Real Estate Financing

At Petra Commercial Loans, we work a lot with small businesses and small business owners. We know that life is different when you don’t have huge amounts of capital to throw around. Just because your small business is healthy and profitable, that doesn’t mean you have perfect credit. But with stated income commercial real estate financing, you don’t need it. This type of financing can help you purchase real estate with fewer requirements.

Is Your Credit Less Than Ideal?

It’s actually pretty common for small businesses to have less-than-optimal credit. You can be great at managing money and still only have fair credit because of unexpected problems with client payments. We understand that, and we don’t think it should affect your ability to get a real estate loan. How can stated income commercial real estate financing help?

  • You can qualify with a score of 600
  • The property you want to buy acts as collateral for the loan
  • Our financing features excellent interest rates
  • We provide significant financing amounts and LTV ratios
  • You don’t need to submit endless business records

In simple terms, what matters most to get a stated income loan is the value of the property you want to purchase. Most of the documents you have to submit are related to this property as well.

Are You Interested in a Specific Property?

It doesn’t take long to get started with the application process. Processing your application is much faster than with a traditional real estate loan. You don’t have to submit tax records, balance sheets or other financial documents.

You can use stated income financing for a variety of commercial properties, including office buildings, retail stores, warehouses and automotive repair centers. We can also assist in financing for non-owner-occupied properties, multifamily housing and other types of investment properties. Learn more about all the opportunities available by contacting our team right away!